One More Week

This Week
This past weekend, I went to the Kentucky Derby and it was so great! Sporting my white floppy hat, the boys and I arrived at Churchill Downs at 9 a.m. and started placing bets on the races. I didn't win any money, but my brother and some of his friends won money on about 6/11 races. Although the weathermen said it was going to rain all day, we never felt a drop. In the end, Mine That Bird (the underdog) won the final race and one of my brother's friends, Joe, placed a bet for his sister on the winning horse and she won $500. I just wish I would have worn more comfortable shoes.
I've been rethinking my mini-portfolio, but I haven't made any final designs yet. That will be a project for next weekend, because I have a very busy week this week. I'm working on getting photos for my evergreen feature, profiling a man who does autopsies, but those won't be taken until some time next week, so you'll be seeing the first designs then. Also, I'm working on an illustration for the screen department of Vox about "sexting", which you'll have to read the story to find out about, but the name pretty much explains what that is. 

I'm really happy with the way the presentations went yesterday. The people from Meredith gave us a lot of great feedback and it was great to hear their opinions about the work we did.  I'm really happy with what we've created, and really wanted to show it off, and they seemed to like our product. It was great to miss class all day too. We had a little Cinco de Mayo/projects being done celebration last night that was really fun. Overall, our group worked really well together, so it was a great experience. I'm so glad to be finished with copyediting for the time being. We took our final copyediting/proofreading exam for Mag Editing on Friday, and it felt so great to be finished with it. I think everyone in the class will agree with me on that. Only one more week of classes and then finals week, which ends on Tuesday for me :) I can't believe I'm graduating in less than 2 weeks. 

Creative Director of US Wired Scott Dadich, who spoke at EDO last week, showed a sketch of a cover featuring Martha Stewart making a Wii-shaped cake, that is pretty amusing. 
Also, the shortlisted and winners of the ASME Awards, as well as a photo from Salone del Mobile, which was part of the design exhibits in Milan last week. My friend Eric, who is studying abroad in Italy (he's an architecture student) went to this show last week and said it was very cool. 
"We are crazy about magazines. We love to touch them, to rumple them, to smell them, to take them with us, to throw them away or to keep them in our bookshelfs" -Hamburg-based magazine kiosk/club Gute Seiten. The club is planning an awards program for magazines that print less than 8,000 copies. Also, the BBC reported the closure of Good Homes.
You Can't Miss
A website with some fun mini portfolios. Since I'm redesigning mine and everyone else is too, or making their first ones, I thought it would be great to look at some for inspiration. The one I looked at is very playful and doesn't really apply to my design style, but it was great to see how some other people design theirs. Take a look at some at Slideshare.net.