Week 3

This Week
Sometimes it's difficult to differentiate between what I designed this week, last week, and the week before with my planner filling up more with what seems to be each HOUR. I think this week was the one where I worked on my presentation/critique of Harper's Bazaar magazine in the 1940s: a decade of art director, Alexey Brodovitch. I was nervous anticipating the actual presentation, but learning about Brodovitch's interesting design techniques kept me distracted from my nerves. And when it came time for me to actually present, I wasn't so nervous after all. However, I think I could have done-away with a few dozen "umm"'s. I'll be posting my powerpoint next week. 

Also this week, I will be designing my first department page for the screen department page for VOX, for which I did an illustration. The anchor story is about an upcoming George Clooney movie which is being filmed in St. Louis, so we decided to do an infographic in the form of a map of our great state, with pinpoints (stars) showing where movies have been filmed in Missouri. It's a little John Deere right now, but I'm probably going to do some editing later this week. For now, here's my design.

I've been working on a few potential covers for the True/False Film Fest issue (2.19) to present Thursday in lab, so I will be posting those later on in the week as well. I'm having trouble staying away from using an enlarged version of the festival's logo on the cover. 
Today we found out we need to design some ideas for the magazine projects by Monday/Tuesday, so I will be working on those soon.

During the presentations today, I thought Victoria did a great job of relating the different styles of the era to the magazine's design. It's not the way I looked at the project going into it and it gave me a lot of direction to write my paper. I also thought the "Esky" character was entertaining and it's something that I never knew about Esquire, even though I read it. I don't know if it's necessarily something the magazine does today, but if they started featuring him throughout the pages of the mag I think it would get a lot of attention, even though it's pretty silly. 

In a recent trip to New York, Jeremy Leslie saw a lot of ads for The New York Times' The Weekender, and he posted a parody of the TV promo. It's pretty funny and features some celebrities, which I always like to see. Lame, I know.
He also thanks everyone who has visited and commented on his blog, which only began as a quick experiment, because it's now 3 years old! And he discusses his experience at the EDO DIY exhibition last Thursday, which he's organizing. 

You Can't Miss
Conde Nast is planning to launch a new mag called Love. It's a twice-yearly fashion and style magazine by Katie Grand. The mag is set to launch at the end of this month I did notice the logo looks a lot like the typography Chelsea used on the chocolate cover of VOX this week, and I like it!  


  1. I didn't know anything about Esky either and I thought that was a fun little thing to add into a presentation. I started looking for him when she went from slide to slide.

  2. Wow, a magazine launch in this market. I am impressed with Conde Nast and their positivity. The cover of "Love" is breathtaking. It reminds a lot of Vogue. Do you who the photographer is? He or she is amazing.

  3. I agree with Philip that the cover resembles a Vogue cover.

    I am really interested to see this new mag! Thanks for the heads up!