Week 8...OMG

This Week
I designed the screen department for VOX. Like I said last week, it was a little difficult but I think it worked out pretty well (except for the creepy close up of the guy)

I also designed a St. Patrick's Day card for the bf. This is something I do all the time, no matter the occasion and sometimes for no occasion at all. Although this semester I've been slacking in the homemade card department since my schedule is so hectic. For some reason, Clint decided he would go all out this year and hardcore celebrate the holiday. I don't get it, because he's not Irish. So my card has the definition of an Irishman on it. This is the back page of the card. 
I'm also working on some designs to show the publishing group tomorrow. They are department pages for the website. This is becoming a really fun project because of the group I'm working with. We all work really well together (the designers always have and the publishers are beginning to get the hang of it) and Maggie is a super-organized art director, so I'm glad we have her as our leader. Everything is spelled out for us and she is doing a great job of communicating with the publishers. 
I talked about my design process yesterday in lecture and after my classmates critiqued my logos, I chose 3 to redesign for Friday. The 3 chosen were my favorite ones too, so I'm happy I get to work with them. 

This week on MagCulture, there is a lot of discussion about the final preparation for Colophon 2009 which took place this weekend. Some things featured were a 100-page magazine about the event and a Colo-shoe. Leslie also shows viewers some strange postings from Kasino A4's Grayscale Bar (who only serves black and white drinks), which have been made out of white paper and just a few words. He also mentions that Scott Didach, Creative Director of Wiredis scheduled to speak at the Editorial Design Organization in April.
You Can't Miss
The video I made this weekend in my digital imaging class. I learned how to use Final Cut Pro. It was better than I thought it would be because designers Christy Solberg and Jena Anderson were in the class as well. If they hadn't been, I don't think I would have survived the boredom to be honest. We watched 12 hours of tutorials online, courtesy of "Brian", and learned how to make a short video. The video we cut from consisted of short interviews of everyone in the class and some B-roll taken by our instructor. We also had fun with the photo booth application on the luxuriously large Macs we got to use for the duration of the weekend. At times, it was hard to quit laughing at the pictures. This video is clips of Christy, Jena and I, explaining to the instructor (which you can't hear) that we have no experience with video editing tools (except Christy had some with iPhoto) Enjoy.

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  1. I like the video! That's fun! :0) Glad you guys had each other over the weekend to get through it. haha