Week 10

This Week
After my Spring Break in Vegas, it was time to come back to reality Sunday and design the department page for the 4/2 issue of Vox. Over break, I began work on my website, which I presented today. It's a great feeling knowing I can make a website now. This week I will be presenting my first draft of the Earth Day feature, which will be in the 4/16 issue of Vox, so I will post that as it comes along. We presented our first designs for the website project with the publishing group, Jan and John yesterday morning and everything went well. We received a lot of great feedback that will lead us in the right direction for our next designs. Overall, I think everyone was really pleased with what we had and the redesign of the logo. Also below is my department page for the 3/16 issue I never posted.
I've started speaking with Zachary Trover, who is the art director for The Pitch in Kansas City. I am interviewing him for the trends project and I am gaining a lot of helpful information. He is very cooperative and easy to work with. I'm hoping he can be a good contact for me in the future as well. Hopefully I will have a lot of good advice from Taylor to pass on to my classmates next week.

This week and last week on MagCulture there was a lot of content about Colophon 2009, including a video of one of the exhibitions. 
I learned news of Blender closing on the 28th after a decrease in ad sales of 31%. This is the final issue published. 
Dear Kristin Noe: white space is dying out for the time being. MagCulture talks about the latest re-design of Good Housekeeping. Editor Lindsay Nicholson said: "We are looking at a really dense magazine packed full of information. It is also more ecological with more information for your page." The new art director is using the space to include up to 25% more copy. If you want to read the full story in the Guardian click here.
Leslie comments this week on the American Society of Magazine Editors' choices for Best Design, which include: Bon Appetit, Good, GQ, New York and Wired. Full list of shortlisted magazines.

You Can't Miss
The colorful, fun photos I took while I was in Vegas last week! My 4-day trip turned out to be more than the nightlife experience I expected. There are a lot of beautiful things to see in Vegas! All of the hotels have interesting design elements within and everywhere I turned, I saw things that caught my eye. Here are a few I took:
This is the side of Coke World, which houses tons of different Coke products. It's located right next to M&M World, which has the same idea. 
This is a part of the ceiling at the Bellagio Hotel. It was completely covered in these glass sculptures. Below is another part of the hotel, but these are umbrellas hanging upside down from the ceiling. 
Above is the light show at Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. Every hour all of the bright lights shut off except the roof that covers the street, and a light show comes on put to music. We watched the American Pie and Queen shows. Here is a video of the American Pie show. 


  1. Vegas looks like a great time! Don't you just love being able to walk around and spot interesting designs wherever you go? There's no getting away from it! That light show looks awesome too.

  2. I can't believe this sucky economy is now taking away my favorite design element!

    Also, this puts me in a pickle because I strive to live as sustainable a lifestyle as possible, and perhaps my use of white space isn't eco friendly? What ever will I do?

  3. I didn't know Blender was on the outs! :0( So sad. Your pictures of Vegas are fun! I love the coke bottle on the side of the building.

    Glad you got to get away and have fun for awhile. And I hope your man at the Pitch can hire us both!! haha :0)