Week 12

This Week
I am almost finished designing the Earth Day feature for this week's issue of Vox. I have done a lot of waiting on the copy and sidebar information, which isn't completely finished yet, so it's still a work in progress, but it has to be done SOON. Both of my sources for the trends assignment fell through at the last minute, so I turned to my older brother, Matt, who works as a copyeditor at The College Station Eagle in Bryan, Texas, to help me out. I knew he wouldn't let me down and I wanted to get something for Tuesday's class and I've included the transcript of the interview and a photo of my bro from last year's Thanksgiving (which he'll be thrilled about) below. He gave me a lot of good advice for the future and some more insight on his duties at The Eagle. I have also been working on my redesign of the Justice League cover. Here's how it's changing so far.

I have been working on my mini-portfolio (starting today) and I think it will just be my first draft to see how well it turns out. Then I will probably make another one for our assignment, unless I fall in love with this first one. I am keeping it simple by making it white, with minimal design elements. I want to showcase my work in something that is not distracting for people. Here is the cover of my mini-portfolio. 
Correction: Wired did not close! I don't know why I thought that from the blog last week. Sorry! Conde Nast launched the UK edition of Wired. The Guardian's Simon Waldeman commented on the new magazine and our lovely accents in North America, saying, "The thing about an American is that even if they're saying something spectacularly bland and obvious, there's something about that accent that just makes them seem more authoritative." I encountered this same attitude when I worked at Professional Beauty magazine in London. I would call people for interviews and they would ask me where I was from because I have the most amazing accent! I couldn't believe they think our accents are great. Their accents are great!
Other news on MagCulture, Leslie raves about File, which is a new London-based magazine that uses print and DVD in its product.
You Can't Miss
Trendhunter.com where you can search tons of trends in areas including tech, fashion, pop culture, business, art & design, science and even bizarre. My favorite find so far has been the Yellow Innovations slideshow. It shows tons of things people have recently come out with that are pretty bizarre in terms of fashion and even something they call Suntography. Check it out and find your favorite!


  1. i love the new feature splash page! it's awesome!.. your cover is so fun too!

  2. I picked up your feature today! It turned out really great! Good job. Much better than the original concept they were telling you to go with! haha

    Also, I like the start of your mini-portfolio, my only fear is only having the logo on the bottom right hand side that once that becomes the size of a mini portfolio it might be harder to read. Looks like a good start but I would play with the sizing.