Week 11

This Week
I didn't do much design work. I presented my website to the class last week and received some really helpful feedback which helped me with editing it over the weekend. I had a VERY productive weekend. I made a list of about 25 school-related things I needed to get done and I finished all of them. Somehow, I still feel like there are a thousand things I have to do. There are only a few weeks left before graduation, so you'd think the work load would be decreasing, but that's not the case. But I guess I've survived for 11 or 12 (I can't keep track anymore) MANY WEEKS, so I can make it another 4-5 weeks. The only thing I have been working on over the weekend/beginning of this week is the first drafts of the Earth Day feature for Vox which will run in the 4/16 issue. It's a ROUGH draft, obviously, so be sure to look for it when it comes out, and I'll post it as it comes along. I'm looking forward to going home over Easter weekend :)Response
I had my one-on-one conference with Jan today and it went great. She gave me a lot of feedback about my strengths and even offered to help further me in the design world by putting in a good word for me with some people I will be interviewing with in the near future. This was probably the best part of my day because I always worry about this class, so I feel very relieved to know that my hard work is paying off and it's great to know that Jan thinks I'm doing a great job as well. I've started some sketches for what I want my mini-portfolio to look like, so that I can get it put together and leave it with some interviewers (right word?) at the end of this month. My editing class this morning was very eventful! Professor Rowe was just getting lecture started when the door opened and in walked a camera crew and some men dressed in suits to award her with the Keller Award (?) It's an award for outstanding teaching, so it's well-deserved. They also presented her with a check for $10,000! A few of the designers and me teared up a bit, it was so great! I felt like the Prize Patrol was coming in our classroom when they opened the door with this bright light and huge camera! Professor Rowe was so surprised and it was a really great moment.

In the last week, MagCulture has posted some things about Conde Nast having to make cutbacks, the new mix 'n' match, interactive cover of Esquire, which Maggie mentioned in her blog/to me, I can't quite remember, but it features Justin Timberlake, George Clooney and Barack Obama and the faces are cut into 3 flaps that you can switch out. Pretty cool. Also this week, MagCulture drops the (heartbreaking, I'm sure) news that Maxim will put out its final issue next month. My boyfriend will be crushed. Barf. New York's AIGA design center has an exhibition of Abbott Miller's designs for Dance Ink and 2wice.

I love this (I think) :
You Can't Miss
The Spring/Summer 2009 issue of fashion mag Plastique, which features photography on the front and illustrations on the back (of 3 different issues) by Ferry Gouw. On this one, I'm not sold on the placement of the title, but I love the photo and the illustration on the back.

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